Meeting M&A for their romantic anniversary couple session in Paris.

      The silence was broken, as it is always broken, by the sound of Paris’s awakening. It awoke from its familiar nights of love, dreams and romance. The smell of croissants, baguettes and chocolatines protruded from the boulangeries. Countless lovers awoke in the arms of their beloved, smiling, almost still dreaming. I met up with Mariel and Abraham at that exact time of the day. They asked me to join them and photograph their anniversary couple session in Paris to celebrate their first year marriage. We met at the Place du  Trocadéro, near the Eiffel Tower. It’s one of my personal favorite spots to enjoy the magnificence of the tower’s outstanding, sky-high beauty.   

      The morning light was soft, gentle. It seemed to caress the entirety of the world with its grace. It was a perfect moment for Mariel and Abraham. I envisioned to capture it, to render it timeless. They stood before the towering grandeur of the Eiffel Tower. As they embraced each other as lovers often do, I photographed them.

      They were travelling France to celebrate their anniversary while enjoying the French life. I endeavoured to take them to hidden, beautiful and often unknown locations in Paris. These areas are often unknown to many others. But they are nonetheless picturesque for those seeking romance and intimacy in the heart of Paris.


      Planning & booking a dream session in France.

      We had discussed a couple of weeks prior to meeting up. Our exchange of emails was important in order to make the photography session as smooth as possible. I also ensured to capture moments that truly represented the couple; moments that were not only beautiful, but unique to them. Laetitia from Floresie was kind enough to gift Mariel a few flower blossoms. So we used them for the photos with their rings and post-card.
      It was a productive and enjoyable session which will not easily be forgotten. If you enjoyed this couple session, you can discover more in my portfolio gallery. Or write to me to book your’s.