Weddings and Chateaux in France often harmoniously align together.

      On a Sunday afternoon in September, Alison and Mike tied the knot at Chateau de Colombières. Like all weddings, it was a special day for the beloved, but also for the family and friends. Therefore, everyone shared the moment. Their Chateau wedding in France was tailored to their needs and desires. Consequently, it was unique in its design.

      A year before their special day, Alison and Mike were on holiday in Normandy. As they sejourned the region, taking in its beauty and French character, they visited the historical Chateau and immediately fell in love with its charm. They knew that it was the perfect venue for their wedding day. Even then, they could see themselves surrounded by friends and family, sharing an intimate and emotional experience. From that moment on, they knew that the rustic, picturesque countryside of Normandy will serve as the frame to their ideal moment.

      Several skilled people worked on the wedding design. I had the privilege of witnessing the talent of Wanderlust Wedding, a passionate couple of wedding planners. They worked closely with Lily Paloma, one of the most best florists in France. They created minimalist yet authentic decorations with gentle pastel colors.

      All the preparation, planning and dreaming created a deeply intimate wedding that would inevitably leave a footprint upon the hearts of all people involved. The first look at the wedding dress, (designed by Victoria Kyriakides – VKK), was for instance, an emotional and heartwarming moment for everyone. A very close friend of the couple was their officiant. Therefore, the intimacy was never broken. Symphonious violins and other string instruments played classical music to accompany the tranquil and easy going atmosphere.

      As the day drew on, and the evening came forth, the caterers served a candlelit dinner. Family, friends and beloved dined beneath the stars of Normandy, and beneath neatly arranged lights suspended above them.

      I photographed this chateau wedding with a mix of film and digital photography.

      Each photograph captured an imperishable instance, as a result, that became an everlasting memory of the special day.
      These special experiences are available to everyone, and I specialize in ensuring that these moment endure forever with the use of photography. Above all, I am at your disposal for your all photography needs. Weddings and Portrait sessions. Do not hesitate to get in touch and ask for more information with the use of my contact page.


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